Wella Launches Innovative, New Color Additive, Color.id

Wella Professionals recently announced the launch of its brand new, one-of-a-kind Color.id, a color additive used with permanent color that allows stylists to paint multiple colors, placed right next to each other, without the hues bleeding or smashing together. Traditional foils can be limiting and create a visual challenge, as they require stylists to focus more on individual hair strands as opposed to the whole picture. However, Wella's Color.id allows colorists to work with hair in a pure, three dimensional state without the separation caused by foiling.

According to Lindsey Washbourne, North American Colorist and Brand Educator for Designer Collection of Wella Professional's Color.id and Inspiration Manager at Bellus Academy, “Behind the chair, we no longer live in the word of simply a ‘touch up.’ Mainstream is looking for more, and this is the tool that will allow our clientele to see us for the artists that we truly are. It’s time to break the boundaries of color. Zero limitations and endless possibilities with Color.id!”

Washbourne's tips for using Color.id:

  • Color.id: A color additive that creates an invisible barrier. It is designed to be used with Wella Professional's permanent colors, Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color. Color.id creates an invisible barrier within the color, allowing you to paint and place multiple colors right next to each other without bleeding or interfering with one another.
  • Trust your eye. As a classically trained colorist, the idea of illuminating foils and coloring hair with your "artistic instinct" can be scary. Truthfully, a lot of colorists tend to be more focused on individual hair strands as opposed to the big picture when foiling. Using Color.id is an incredible and freeing experience that allows you to think about the desired end result, first. It takes you back to why you became a hairdresser in the first place—the thrill of seeing the creation of your mind’s eye come to life.
  • Be the artist you want to be. Beautiful hair color is no longer about putting enough foils in your client's hair to pick up radio signals. In fact, most colorists are starting to push the foils further and further away. Not only are colorists able to use more of their intuition, but clients will also have the ability to see and experience the amazing artistry of the craft as their color processes.
  • No need to rinse differently. You can expect and guarantee results when using colors that are no more than 3 levels apart and don’t have extreme tonal differences (i.e. an intense, vibrant red with a light, cool blonde). When following these manufacturer recommendations, there is no need to rinse hair any differently.
  • Color.id works on all hair types/hues. Color.id is simply an additive and does not change how a permanent color works. If you would use a permanent color on your client, you absolutely can use Color.id to create your look in a more creative, time efficient manner.
  • Maintenance. Using professional products is key. I personally suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed to prolong color, like Wella’s Brilliance Shampoo & Conditioner. Regular trims and treatments are also a must to keep color vibrant; damaged and porous hair will always fade. When proper home maintenance is used, Wella’s Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color with the Color.id additive will stay true to tone for 4-6 weeks, depending on the hair’s condition. After that, I would recommend clients to come back in the salon for a glossing treatment in between services.

Color.id will be available May 2014.

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