Bevel by Walker & Company Subscription Service Goes Live

Following a successful soft launch, Bevel by Walker & Company is live and ready to order as the first end-to-end shaving system for men with sensitive skin. Bevel provides a sophisticated shaving alternative for men with sensitive skin—all at the click of a button!


s been expertly crafted to address the needs of the modern man.

FACT: Shaving with a double edge safety razor is the safest, freshest, most cost-effective way to shave. Period. And it’s the only shaving solution for us.

What is Bevel?

·         Bevel is a subscription service that offers a full-range shaving system to make grooming simple and enjoyable for men with coarse, curly hair.

·         Each 30-day starter kit features a Double Edge Safety Razor with products to address problems like razor bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs, discoloration and scarring.

·         Products included are 20 Razor Blades, Badger Shaving Brush, Priming Oil, Shaving Cream and Restoring Balm.

·         90-day continuity kits are available thereafter containing new Razor Blades with refills for the Priming Oil, Shaving Cream and Restoring Balm.



·         $59.95 for 30-day Starter Bundle

·         $29.95 per month thereafter for a 90-day continuity kit


Purchase the service at For more information on Bevel by Walker & Company, check out this informative video!


Want to learn more about the products? Read on!


steel safety blades, which are designed to minimize pulling, tugging and irritation.



The oil softens the hair and calms the skin with lavender, olive and castor oils for smooth and easy razor glides, all while preventing tugging, nicks and irritation.


The alcohol-free restoring balm instantly cools, moisturizes and soothes the skin while helping to prevent bumps and irritation. The formula is enriched with lactic and salicylic acids to help exfoliate and even skin tone.

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