Paris Fashion Week: Charlie Le Mindu Illuminates Hairdreams-Hair

Stylist Charlie Le Mindu wowed audiences at Paris Fashion Week with his astonishing new Wig Collection, "Stronger," made from Hairdreams-Hair. The one-of-a-kind show, staged at the exclusive Citroen DS World, showcased innovative, avant-garde hair artistry with stunning, phosphorescent colors.

Charlie Le Mindu was inspired by notions of an infinite universe and the unreachable depths of the oceans. His collection referenced these never-before-seen worlds with enormous sculptural hair designs that emitted intense, fluorescent light. To enhance the full effect, the catwalk was kept pitch-black with only black lights used to highlight each creation, while pulsating techno music added to the otherworldly feel of the presentation.

Says Le Mindu, "I have never worked with so much color. With this collection, I wanted to impress and not just show the typical color spectrum, but rather those rare shades that people can try to guess, but which they have never really experienced before. Plus, I am fascinated by the dark. In order to showcase my fascination with the dark, I used phosphorescent colors that come alive in the dark."

According to Elisabeth Brandstetter, Head of Marketing for Hairdreams, ‟the hair used for this collection is of the highest quality, hand-selected, real hair in our top branded 7-Star quality. This hair is characterized through especially perfect, healthy condition with a smooth cuticle – the ideal quality of hair to reach brilliant and at the same time long-lasting hair color. We are thrilled that we could provide Charlie Le Mindu with the perfect conditions to create his new collection and be able to contribute to this fascinating collection."

Following the spectacular show, Charlie Le Mindu opened his World Exhibition to the public. The exhibit will run through March 20, 2014 and includes last season's collection Fall/Winter "Gold Sabah" for guests to admire. Among the many pieces, is an extravagant wig that was just recently worn by Lady Gaga.

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