Beautiful Balayage by Kristen McDonell

Hair stylist Kristen McDonell worked with celebrity colorist and creator of J Beverly Hills, Max Eli, to help a client go from boxed color to flawless balayage. Here, McDonell provides her tips for creating the look:

"This client came in with black box color. Max had me go through the left and right side of the head and all down the black doing foil slices with J Beverly Hills Max lightner with 20 volume. Then I went back in and balayaged all hair in between with J Beverly Hills Max Lightner with 30 volume. [I] had it sit for about 40 minutes with no heat. I shampooed the hair and towel dried. After towel drying, I went through and applied 5N and 6G with 2T to the first 3 inches of the hair. I then applied 7N and 6BG to the next 3 inches and then 10NI and 11BB to the rest of the ends. [I let the hair] process for 20 minutes, [then] rinsed, put on J Beverly Hills Masque for 10 minutes, then blow-dried and styled."

The result: beautiful, natural-looking balayage and a smiling client!

[Image courtesy of Kristen McDonell]

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