The Black Orange Collection by Marko Simunovic

Inspired by the "colorful and dark sides of one's personality," hair stylist and salon owner Marko Simunovic created a stunning collection featuring a play between bright, vivid color, and gorgeous, shiny darks. With sharp lines and bold shapes, paired with complementary makeup looks and perfectly over-the-top fashion, the collection, "The Black Orange," is a wonderful mashup of light and dark, soft and strong, playfulness and seriousness.

Behind the Scenes:

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Hair by Marko Šimunović
Models - Nastja Štefanić, Krvava Meri i Pupa Karla
Photo - Marija Buljeta Photography
Makeup - Tena Bašić
Clothing - Martina Sporiš Msdesign
Video - Toni Plutonij

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