Daniel Radcliffe's Hair Extension Woes

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor of Harry Potter fame, is sporting extensions for an upcoming role and is none too pleased about it, calling them "a f-ing nightmare." Radcliffe was quoted saying, “I don't mind how it looks, but I mind dealing with it. The amount of work it takes, having to dry it, doing anything to it is a f-ing nightmare. I do have a whole new sympathy for women."

Bianca Arussi, Co-Owner of J'Adore Salon Beverly Hills and Certified Great Lengths Extension Expert, says whoever did his extensions did a really good job; they blend in with his natural hair vey well. But why is it so uncomfortable for him? "He might have a weave, which can be heavy and uncomfortable," says Bianca, who recommends individual extensions. "Or he may just be one of those people who don’t like the feeling of something attached so close to their scalp." Radcliffe also noted, "it's real, dead human hair," which Bianca says is the way to go. "It’s more manageable than synthetic hair, it never tangles, and it’s just like your own hair. You can let it air dry and it blends in wonderfully with your natural hair."  

Bianca's tips to help Daniel get through this difficult time:

  • Be sure to brush hair twice per day.
  • Apply leave-in conditioner from mid-shaft to ends, or use a good serum.
  • Replace extensions every 4-5 months, depending on how fast the hair grows; after about an inch of growth, it’s time for some fresh extensions.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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