Pixie-Perfect: 10 Best Pixie Haircuts of All Time

First popularized in the 1950's, the pixie cut has been a staple in women's hair ever since. Typically worn shorter on the sides and longer on top, the look has evolved over the years from soft and feminine, to choppy and punk, to smooth and sleek, and everywhere in between. Take a look back at the history of the pixie cut with our list of 10 of the best pixie haircuts of all time.

>2. Edie Sedgwick
Heiress, actress, model and most famously, muse to renowned artist Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick was one of America's first "It Girls." It was no surprise, therefore, that when the popular socialite chopped her hair in favor of a short, boyish pixie, she sparked a trend across the country. Always one to experiment, Sedgwick was known for sometimes coloring her hair with streaks of silver spray paint.

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the look.

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Throughout her career, Madonna has changed up her hair look more times than almost any other star. But one of her greatest and most-defining styles was her short, bleached blonde, punk pixie. The perfect blend of chic, grunge and "don't-care" attitude made this look both effortless and cool, sparking thousands of women to flock to their hair salons in an attempt to copy it.

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For her role in the film V For Vendetta, Natalie Portman was required to shave her head. While growing out her buzz cut, the award-winning actress sported a beautiful, feminine pixie that was left long on the top for a more dynamic, alterable version of the look. Thanks in part to Portman, the pixie was once again a red-carpet look.

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arious versions of the short hair look for decades, yet she never ceases to surprise. Her dramatic, wild and fun pixie, left long and voluminous on top, is one of her greatest looks thus far. With her ever-changing style, the actress proves that hair can - and should - be fun.

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