Author and Motivational Speaker Lizzie Velasquez on True Beauty

Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three known people in the world who can't gain weight or build muscle. Cruelly dubbed "The World's Ugliest Woman" in a YouTube video now seen by over 4 million viewers, Lizzie was crushed - but not for long. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh for MASTERS Audio Club, Lizzie describes her best revenge.

At age 24, Lizzie weighs about 60 pounds and has zero percent body fat. She is also blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. When the YouTube video describing her as "The World's Ugliest Woman" went viral, Lizzie set out to discover what truly makes people beautiful.

"After spending years wanting to look like everyone else, I realized I needed to love and accept myself just as I am," Lizzie says. "When I stopped listening to other people and started making a life for myself, I discovered my purpose in life, my passion."

Now Lizzie shares what she learned on that journey, teaching others to recognize their own unique gifts and blessings, deal with disappointment, make and maintain healthy friendships, and set realistic goals. A bright, bubbly graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, Lizzie has appeared as a motivational speaker at more than 200 workshops and has written two books: Lizzie Beautiful and Be Beautiful, Be You. Her story has been featured in both national and international media, including The Today Show, Inside Edition, Dr. Drew, Australia's Sunday Night, and Germany's Explosiv. Now, a video of Lizzie's December 2014 appearance at TEDx Austin Women in Austin, TX has garnered over 4 million views - the same amount as the heartless YouTube video that set her career in motion.

In a world filled with airbrushed celebrity photos and plastic surgery, Lizzie offers a refreshing alternative to true beauty. Her story inspires all of those who have ever felt singled out, misunderstood, or afraid.

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