Jim Markham Shares: James Franco to Star as Stylist Jay Sebring

Jim Markham's career in the beauty industry began when he dropped out of high school to support his wife and two kids earning only $1.50 a haircut. By age 17 Markham had won his first styling competition and started competing around the United States. Markham decided he wanted to work with Jay Sebring, one of the hottest celebrity hairstylist of the time. This was a decision that would have a huge impact on Jim Markham's life. When Jay Sebring was killed by Charles Manson in 1969, Markham would take over his company and celebrity clients. The fascinating story of Jay Sebring is currently being made into the movie "Beautiful People," starring James Franco.

We have the inside scoop from Jim and Cheryl Markham on the real-life story behind the movie. Check out the interview!

[Image: Mindy Small/Getty Images/Film Magic]

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