Perfect Your Ombré Technique With These Stylist Tips

It's safe to say that the ombré trend isn't going anywhere. As celebrities and clients alike continue to request the popular style, ombré has evolved into a multitude of different hues and varying looks from natural-looking to bright and colorful. However, beautiful ombré can only be achieved by starting with the basics. Here, hair stylist Lisa Demeulemeester provides some tips on perfecting your ombré technique in order to create stunningly gorgeous results for your clients.
above my fingers, and back-combed all the way up to the scalp. I did the back-combing about 4-5 times in every section. As I got to just above the ears, I took sections as I wanted them to fall for the look we previously discussed and back-combed even more to make sure the overall look would be as natural as possible. For the pieces around the face, I did less back-combing, and only in the areas right where I wanted the lighter color.

"After I did all the back-combing, I went back through starting at the nape and began applying Goldwell Silk Lift with 20 vl. I applied it starting in the mid-shaft, making sure it was well saturated. Going back to the top of the piece I already saturated, I feathered it down starting below the back-combing. I repeated this technique around the whole head in each section.

"One thing that was very important in making the look symmetrical was over direction. While applying the Silk Lift to all the back sections, I pulled it forward to the same side the panel was on and applied the lightener on an angle. I did this in both panels and into the top sections.

"The pieces in the front I over directed back, still using the feathering technique. Over direction to the back or front makes everything blend better, leaves no harsh lines and also makes it look more round and symmetrical for a flawless finish.

"I let it sit to desired lightness reapplying lightener to pieces that dried out. I don't use any foils with this technique so I can see exactly where the placement is for every piece and watch it lift to the desired level. For the end result color, I used Goldwell Colorance 8GB 30 mls 7G 7 mls and 8N 3 mls as a glaze for 20 minutes."

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