The Doves Studio's collection inspires creativity

Sonya and Christopher Dove guide their team to greatness in this exclusive collection.

Sometimes it’s amazing to see how mentoring can help an artist’s creativity catch fire, so to speak. For that’s just what happened in the latest collection from The Doves Studio, Metamorphosis. Salon co-owner, Hairdreams Ambassador and Wella Creative Director Christopher Dove was fortunate enough to assist Linda Flowers on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by heading up one of the film’s hairstyling teams. When he got back to his salon, he could barely contain his enthusiasm and wanted to share the spirit of cooperation and artistry with his entire staff. “Each stylist had the freedom to cut, color and style a wig that was provided by the salon,” Dove relates. “With no parameters, our team was able to let their creative juices flow.” How was the experience of mentoring his team on this shoot? “For me, it was quite multifaceted. It was exciting to see what everyone came up with, and on the other hand it was really nice to be able to mentor and lead the way a little, give them some direction. This collection is truly our own personal creation.”

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Photographer: Nicholas Tronain; hairstylists: Mallory Hofmann, Melissa Felix, Chris Rosario, Eddie Neuangthavong, Andrea Skelton; mentors: Sonya and Christopher Dove; wardrobe: Lauren Wyenn; makeup: Lysette Castellanos; extensions: Hairdreams; wigs: Hair U Wear by Raquel Welch Collection: haircolor: Wella Professionals; styling tools: Brazilian Heat, InStyler Professional; styling products: Wella Care & Styling, Oribe, Sebastian Professional


“Twisted Sister” - Designed by Mallory Hofmann

“Through the years of being behind the chair, my work has consisted of natural, easy-to-wear looks. This photo shoot allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and create an image that showcased glamour with a twist of the dark side.”


“Blood Orange” - Designed by Chris Rosario

“I always find it interesting to give classic shapes a modern edge. I took a traditional bob shape, placed a strong color palette within the shape, and played with volume and asymmetry for my final look.”


“Sultry Spice” - Designed by Melissa Felix

“My thought process began with creating a vibrant copper color that would appeal to a client as well as provide a strong foundation for an editorial look. My styling was driven from the desire to combine texture with sleek shapes. Overall, I wanted my look to be feminine without being over-the-top sexy, edgy or just plain cute.”


“Nature’s Icon” - Designed by Eddie Neuangthavong

“Inspiration comes from everything that we encounter in life, whether it’s architecture, fashion, art, nature or music. In this particular look, my inspiration came from the bold and contrasting colors on a bird’s feathers, while the style itself mimics a bird in flight. The boldness of the colors combined with the softness of the style creates a subtle balance.”


“Frayed Lines” - Designed by Andrea Skelton

“For this style, I was really inspired by the ’60s mod look. I’ve always gravitated toward creating looks with structure while maintaining simplicity. I normally play with much darker shades, but this time I chose to go with an icy gray with a panel of blue scattered through the top and fringe.”

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