Find Out What's Behind Kim Kardashian's Mysterious Bald Spots

Recent photos of Kim Kardashian wearing her hair up in a high bun, exposing several bald spots, have been causing much speculation over the potential reasons for her extreme hair loss. Bianca Arussi, Co-Owner of J'Adore Salon Beverly Hills and Certified Great Lengths Extension Expert, says this type of hair loss is clearly a result of a botched extension job.

While there has been talk that Kim's pregnancy and weight loss thereafter may have contributed to these bald patches, Arussi refutes the notion, commenting, "Yes, women's hair tends to thin out when they're pregnant or they loose a significant amount of weight, but never that much and it wouldn't result in bald spots." Kim's recent transition to blonde may have put some stress on her hair, leaving it even more vulnerable to damage, but her weave is to blame for her bald spots.

But don’t let Kim's hair troubles discourage you from getting extensions – they can be safe and look great when done right.  Arussi's tips: "Always opt for individual extensions as opposed to a weave, which weighs down hair and causes breakage. Also, look for a stylist that specializes in extensions who uses techniques and technology you can be comfortable with."  For example, the use of keratin protein (which is found naturally in hair) to bond the extensions to the hair as opposed to using glue or sewing them in can help eliminate damage. Arussi also stresses the importance of leaving enough room between the scalp and the extension to avoid pulling, as the tension can cause bald spots.  

What should Kim (or a client in a similar situation) do now? “She should absolutely take out the weave and allow her missing hair time to grow back. Once the hair has grown back and she is ready for extensions again, she should switch to individual extensions, as opposed to weaves, going forward. If she feels insecure about the exposed spots in the meantime, she can wear clip-in extensions until the rest grows in."

[Image: Getty Images]

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