Janine Jarman's Northern Lights

The glowing colors and dancing lights of the aurora borealis inspired this new collection from Janine Jarman.

Janine Jarman, West Coast Spokesperson for Sebastian, had been contemplating the idea of using fishing wire to suspend hairstyles in mid-air ever since she got the idea from a stylist who works at Harroin, the salon she owns in West Hollywood, California. Then a client came back from a trip to Alaska with photos of the northern lights, which produce luminescent colors in shades of red, yellow, green, blue and violet. That’s all it took to inspire Jarman’s latest collection, which mimics the play of colors that appear in the night sky when highly charged electrons from solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. “I just had to create a color palette based on those extraordinary colors,” Jarman says, “and then it was just a matter of making them look like the models were floating in space.”

Watch the making-of video below, and click through the pages to see more images from the collection.

Marianne Dougherty


Hairroin Northern Lights Shoot. from Lee Cherry on Vimeo.

Hair: Janine Jarman; photography: Lee Cherry; makeup: Noel Nichols; assistant hair: Amanda Ozard; assistant makeup: Katie Converso; wardrobe: Jane-Lee


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