Hairstyles How To: Vintage-Inspired Updo Video Tutorial Series

Chicago-based master hairstylist Antje Kastner recently released an instructional video series demonstrating her tips and tricks for creating glamorous vintage-inspired hairstyles. Detailed and thorough enough for professional hairstylists, but also accessible for those working in theater, burlesque, photography, or anyone interested in the techniques involved in the artistry of vintage glamour, each video in the 10-part series is a step-by-step demonstration of Antje creating one unique hairstyle, from start to finish.

Each video begins with a before shot of the live model and an account of the event to which she will wear the style. Antje gives a brief description of what the hairstyle will be, and by what era it is inspired. Antje then takes the viewer step by step through the process, from preparing the hair with different setting techniques, to the finishing touch on the polished look. Antje’s instructional approach is warm and accessible, and her techniques are refined, professional and innovative.

The videos were filmed on location at Antje Kastner’s Studio and edited by Lake Coast Creative. All videos are now available at for $12.87 per video, or $99.00 for the entire 10 piece collection.

Original soundtrack is composed and performed by Chicago based guitarist Joel Paterson. Vintage wardrobe and jewelry are provided by Viva Vintage Clothing and styled by Amy Mayberry. Make-up is a Jezabel Alvarez creation. The products used are provided by Schwarzkopf Professional.

Master stylist Antje Kastner is an independent, owner/operator of Antje Kastner’s Studio in the Ravenswood neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side. She completed her master craftsman certification in 1999 at the Handwerkskammer, in Rostock, Germany, and has been working in Chicago as a professional hairstylist since 2001. A practitioner of all aspects of hairstyling and design, she specializes in color and Vintage Inspired Up-Styles.

See a preview of the video tutorial series below!

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