Hair Trends: Go Rose Gold with the Sombré Technique

Rose gold is the latest hot trend of the season, spotted coloring the locks of It Girl Mary Charteris and Sienna Miller, and adorning the fingertips of celebrities like Rhianna. From fashion to beauty, the shade offers unlimited possibilities, and is the perfect accent to sparkly sequins or a glass of champagne for the holidays.

Look to your colorist to find your copper-meets-apricot shade of blonde using the sombré technique with L’Oréal Professionnel INOA, ammonia-free in-salon permanent hair color. Sombré is a professional technique that delivers an effortless-looking gradual gradation of color from roots to ends. Unlike ombré, which is dark on top that abruptly changes to much lighter color at the ends, the sombré technique provides more natural looking results, perfect for women with all variations of hair color, cuts and textures.

“The sombré technique is a fantastic evolution from ombré,” says L’Oréal Professionnel Artist, Jason Backe. “There is no drastic change from dark to light, instead we see an effortless and natural evolution of color with just the right amount of dimension – the results are major.”

[Image: Getty Images]

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