Hairstyles How To: Three Easy New Years Eve Looks by Bellus Academy

Help your client branch out from the predictable holiday undo and instead achieve gorgeous New Years Eve hair with these three modern styles from Bellus Academy. From bombshell waves, to fun braids, to a stylish faux-bob, these looks are both festive and simple, perfect for any New Years Eve occasion!  
Victoria's Secret Model Waves
Start by blowing the hair out with a round brush. Then heat up a 1.5" to 2" inch curling iron depending on the length hair and how big of a curl you want. Curl front section of hair away from face first. Then, curl the rest of the hair, alternating the curls towards and away from the face to create a less uniform look. Roll each curl into clean pin curls and secure each roll with a clip. Let curls cool for about 20 minutes before unrolling them. While unrolling curls, lift the hair up and spray underneath with a texture spray for volume. When curls are all unpinned, break them up the curls with fingers. Finally, use creams, oils, and pomades sparingly; only use enough for hold, not weight.

Un-Boring Braids
Braids are an easy and pulled-together do for any occasion. For a more styled braid, why not try a fishtail braid? Detangle and brush out hair and then divide hair into two even sections. Beginning from the right, start braiding by using your pinky and ring finger to grab a small section of hair from the back of the right side; add this small section of hair to the left side by folding it over with left hand. Now take left pinky and grab another small section of hair from the back of the left side; fold it over and add it to your right section. Continuing braiding from right to left. Once done with braid, secure it with a hair elastic.

Great Gatsby Inspired Faux Bob
For ladies with longer hair, a faux-bob might be the perfect style to try something different. Start off the style by applying volumizing spray to the root of damp hair. Then blow dry hair smooth using a round brush. Once hair is dry, start from the back of the head to curl 1” sections of hair using a 1” or 1.5” curling iron. Curl the rest of the hair, gradually making way to the front of the head. Once hair is all curled, apply a small amount of shine serum to hands and run through curls, breaking up curls with your fingers. Tie a clear hair elastic to end of your hair; for ladies with thicker, longer hair, hair will need to be sectioned off into smaller ponytails. Start rolling hair under the elastic and tuck toward the nape of your neck. Spread hair evenly horizontally to create the bob. Leaves sides of your hair out to create more of an illusion of the bob. Secure bob with as many bobby pins as needed and apply an even coat of hairspray.

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