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Mortified Nation is a comedic documentary about adults who share their most embarrassing childhood diaries, letters, poems and art... in front of total strangers.

In the history of teen angst cinema, no film has ever captured the adolescent experience quite like this.

Documenting the rise of Mortified—a grassroots stage show that began as a tiny theater experiment and grew into a global project hailed “a cultural phenomenon” by Newsweek and praised by This American Life, The Today Show, and Entertainment Weekly—the film combines performance footage of these popular public confessions with an examination of the movement behind it.
With humor and heart, Mortified Nation chronicles how the simple act of exposing one’s private past can inspire an entire nation to “share the shame,” and the surprising impact that can have.

“Everyone can relate to something in this film,” says Mortified Nation Director Mike Mayer. “If you remember being fifteen and freaked out, this film was made for you.”

Visit http://www.MortifiedNation.com for trailer and more information.

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