8 Things Stylists Are Thankful For

The season of giving thanks is officially upon us, and stylists have so much to be thankful for! In honor of the upcoming holidays, we asked what you, as a stylist, were most grateful for - and received an array of heartwarming replies. Click through to see 8 things that all stylists are thankful for, year-round! [pagebreak]

1. Their Clients

"My clients, of course! The different personalities, the people and families I have gotten to know." -Kara H.

"I am thankful for my clients who have shared their lives with me as I have shared my talents with them. I have been a hairdresser since 1987! I have at one point [had] 5 generations of 1 family in my chair. I used to wonder, 'What is my purpose?' This is my purpose." -Donna W.

"I'm thankful for my amazing, loyal, supportive clients. I've been so blessed to work in a 'capital city' that has a neighborly, small-town mentality. Everyone is so kind and friendly, not only to me, but to each other. We had a flood last year and had to close for four weeks, but my clients waited for me and even continued to refer new people to me! They've been awesome!" -Gina R.

"I am so thankful for my extended family I have in my clients. Over the years I have been there through their good times and bad - weddings, births, celebrations, divorces, sickness, and loss of family… In the short time we spend together behind the chair over the years, we have built a wonderful bond." -Kateri J. [pagebreak]
2. The Opportunity to Follow Their Dreams

"I am thankful that I finally am pursuing my dream after 20 years and [am] in cosmetology school!" -Roxanna F.

"I have so much to be thankful for - my family is first, but I have been given the chance to work my dream job this year! Owning my own salon was a dream I fulfilled (12 years now)! This year, I began working for All Nutrient as a color educator. I am thankful for this opportunity with such a great company." -Denise T.  

"I'm grateful for many things. My husband and I are taking a leap and we will be opening a salon! I'm the stylist; he's my builder, my negotiator, my everything that pertains to getting a building and making it look beautiful. I tell him what I want and he always finds a way to make it happen! I'm grateful for this opportunity and most of all my husband!" -Nanette W.

"Today, I finally received my cosmetology license. I'm 38 years old, I have 5 children and a very loving and supportive husband. My first marriage was with a very controlling man who never let me do anything. I finally got away from him and I am proud to say I am living my dream! So, I'm thankful that I can finally do what I love!" -Constance H.  [pagebreak]
3. Products That Make Their Lives Easier

"Aveda Hair Color! Without it, I wouldn't call myself a colorist… [To] have guests that pay me to do something I love, to call it a career, when really I'm just having fun making people beautiful!" -Erin B.

"I am thankful for Redken Chromatics hair color. Healthier and skinnier hair - love it." -Crystal P. [pagebreak]
4. Their Educators and Mentors

"I am thankful for all the educators who were there for me and taught me what I know. Without them, I probably wouldn't be where I am today!"  -Randi S.

"I'm thankful for my beauty school, Redken Ias.! They provided SO much extra education and went above and beyond the minimum 'state board requirements' because they truly wanted us to be the BEST of the best. And now I am teaching other stylists techniques I learned in beauty school!" -Ariel L.

"I'm thankful that my mentor took the time, effort, and energy to train an ungrateful 20 year old. Because of her, I am one step closer to my dream!" -Nicole D. [pagebreak]
5. Giving Back Through Teaching

"I'm thankful I became an educator for sexy hair! The company has helped me grow not only behind the chair but in my every day life as well! Best company ever to work for!" -Meghan W.

"As a cosmetology instructor, I am most grateful for my students. They end up teaching me everyday. Their wide eyed hope and passion for journey they are on, and the day they graduate is like watching a butterfly open its wings for the first time!" -Amanda M. [pagebreak]
6. The Ability to Make People Feel Beautiful

"I am thankful for the skills and opportunities to make people feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside." -Jordan L.

"The talent to make people look and feel great!" -Alicia L.

"Making someone smile because they feel beautiful is priceless! We get put on a pedestal all day long - how awesome is that?!" -Giselle S. [pagebreak]
7. Their Wonderful Coworkers

"I'm thankful to be doing what I love and for the AMAZING ladies I work with! We care about and support each other in every way!" -Kate P.

"I am thankful for a salon owner who pushes me professionally. She encourages me and inspires me to be a better stylist." -Jennifer V. [pagebreak]
8. And Just for Being a Stylist!

"I'm most thankful for the gift that was given to me to be able to participate in this craft that allows us to create beautiful art and have limitless possibilities."  -Tammy A.

"[I am] most thankful for being in an amazing, changing, money-making career. Absolutely love how this career is ever-changing in every way. Potential is endless in this career field. [I am] so blessed to be given an amazing talent to pursue this career to the fullest." - Jamie J.

"I'm most thankful for being able to have a career that allows me to give back to people through doing something I love to do. Whether I'm hosting a cut-a-thon, giving discounts for donations or promoting local businesses, I'm able to help others and receive the instant gratification that this business gives, ALL IN ONE!" -Melissa O.

"I'm thankful for the most amazing profession [that] allows you to look beyond the box to touch people's lives from inside and out, to have a profession that keeps it exciting every day, and to be able to set yourself [apart] from all the differences this beauty world brings. Not [all] stylists have to be the same, but yet we're all in the same profession. Now that's an awesome thing to be grateful for." -Angela J.

[All quotes via Facebook. All images: Thinkstock]

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