How to Prevent Hat Hair

During the winter months, wearing a hat can be not only a fun fashion statement, but also a necessity as the temperatures drop. The only downside? Hat hair.

First, lets talk about your hat. Like your best clothes, your hats should be made of great all-natural fibers such as wool or cotton. Synthetic fabrics cause more static and don’t breathe, causing your head to perspire. Quick tip: Rub the inside of your hat with a dryer sheet to prevent static.

Don’t buy a hat that is too tight.  Keep the brim slightly loose. The more air you have under your hat, the less likely you are to perspire and crush your mane.

Always make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before you put on your hat. Keep in mind that blow-dried or straightened hair will keep its shape longer when compared to its curly counterpart.  

“Remember: Water is the enemy, said Jose Buitron, Co-Owner, Jose Luis Salon. “We recommend using an anti-humidity product such as Oribe’s Impermeable. Don’t over do it on the products.”

Style your hair in the direction you want it to be in when you remove your hat. For short hair, consider sectioning your hair into mini bumps and secure with bobby pins. Once you take your hat off, remove the pins and scrunch hair for a tussled look.  

The longer you wear your hat, the more prone you’ll be to hat hair. If you can, remove your hat every 30 minutes or so for those longer hat-wearing days.

If you feel like your mane is a little flat, try fluffing with a great dry shampoo or texture spray, like Oribe Dry Texture Spray at the roots and fluff.

There are many hairstyles that are hat-friendly and can help transition your hair from hat to no hat. The best thing you can do is work with your natural hairstyle. Hats respond best to hairstyles that do not require a lot of effort and don’t stray too far from your hair’s natural tendencies.

Flip through to see 6 favorite hat hairstyles at Jose Luis Salon! [pagebreak]

1. Chignon (low bun) – This style will nicely complement a beautiful hat. [pagebreak]
2. Loose and wavy tousled hair – This style always goes well with the knit beanies trending this season.
3. Stick straight – This is any easy way to not have to deal with flat hair after wearing a hat. Your hair should stay in tact very well under any hat. [pagebreak]
4. Fishtail braid – This is already a messy hairstyle. It will look great with a hat on or off.[pagebreak]
5. Tucked in – You can always tuck your hair into your hat or beanie and even your sweater. This will protect it from any weather extremities and leave it looking polished for when the hat comes off.
6. Low or side ponytail – This is a classic that will fit below an assortment of hats.

This winter season don’t try to fight hat hair, embrace it. With these simple tips and hairstyle options, your clients can rock hat hair this season. Keep it natural and simple and you are sure to make a statement with hats on and off.

[Images courtesy of Jose Luis Salon/Photography by Theresa Przybyla]

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