Amika and Martino Cartier Launch Styling Tool to Benefit Cancer Foundation

amika has partnered with Friends Are By Your Side (FABYS) to introduce the amika x Friends Are By Your Side Styler—a customized edition of the professional hair care brand’s top-performing Digital Titanium Glide Styler. Developed in collaboration with FABYS’s founder and amika’s HSN host, Martino Cartier, a portion of the proceeds from this styler are donated to the foundation, which works to provide wigs for women who have experienced hair loss undergoing cancer treatments, and grants wigs and wishes to children affected by the disease.

untless women battling cancer who have experienced hair loss, and so many of them have been unsure of where to turn, or were met with red-tape, when searching for a wig,” stated Martino Cartier. “I wanted to provide women with a straightforward resource with Friends Are By Your Side, and to unite fellow hairdressers with the goal of granting wigs and wishes to children and women fighting cancer.”

   Since its inception, FABYS has donated countless wigs to women in need through its system of associate salons. Salons provide and style the wigs, which have been acquired at wholesale to eliminate the high costs of a superior-quality wig. Client donations through salon initiatives and fundraisers further offset costs and contribute in funding FABYS’s goals. The foundation has been embraced by hundreds of salons nationwide, and has expanded its efforts globally with FABYS extensions in Australia, Mexico, Canada, Egypt and the UK. The recent launch of the amika x Friends Are By Your Side Styler on HSN further drives awareness to its mission. 

   "As we watched Martino build and grow the FABYSfoundation, the amika team was incredibly moved by his generosity and devotion," stated Chelsea Barber, amika's Director of Sales. "Martino plays a vital role in the amika brand development—demonstrating our products to millions of women through HSN. Knowing that we had millions of TV viewers at our fingertips, we felt it was a prime opportunity to increase FABYS’s awareness.”

   The customized amika x Friends Are By Your Side Styler is presented in a metallic hot pink exterior with golden plates, and features two golden charms set upon a chain on the styler’s base—the amika and FABYSsignature logos. The professional styler employs advanced technology to quickly achieve straight, waved or curled looks in one gentle glide of the tool. Developed with energy-efficient MCH ceramic heaters, with an adjustable temperature up to 450°F, the titanium plates offer maximum heat conductivity and instant heat recovery to ensure uniform temperature distribution while styling. Far-infrared heat eliminates frizz and retains hairs’ natural moisture. The amika x Friends Are By Your Side Styler is exclusively available on HSN for the price of $120.00.

   To celebrate the foundation’s achievements and development, FABYS hosted ‘A Night of Wigs & Wishes,’ its inaugural gala event on November 3, 2013 in Berlin, New Jersey. The impressive affair included 1,000 guests in attendance—from celebrities and esteemed industry members to partnering salons and community supporters—and featured live entertainment performances as well as a profound tribute to the women and children who have benefited most from the foundation’s efforts. amika was a sponsor of the event, and provided amika x Friends Are By Your Side Stylers that attendees were able to directly purchase for the benefit of the foundation.

   The amika x Friends Are By Your Side Styler will make its next appearance on HSN on November 21, 2013. On-air, Martino Cartier will continue to encourage his audience to directly contact the FABYS foundation if they, or someone they know, could benefit from the foundation’s services.


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