Hairstyles How To: "Honey" at Kevin Murphy's WHITE.BOX

At the recent WHITE.BOX event put on by the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, the 2-day, seminar, class and photo shoot-filled event culminated in a grand finale runway show. For THE.SHOW, the talented design team created a variety of standout looks. "Honey," created by Kevin Murphy, featured a unique, emphatic up-do that sat high on models' heads.

Get the look:

1. Prime the hair using SHIMMER.SHINE and blow dry into the hair. Section the head from ear to ear, over the top of the head. Section off a horse-shoe shaped area on the top of the head. Secure the back section into a very high ponytail. Add the front side sections to the ponytail. Split the horseshoe section on top into a center part and clip down.

2. Pull the ponytail forward, tie into a large knot and sew it down the center part line to create the fringe. If the hair is longer, tie an additional knot before sewing down to shorten the fringe.

3. PREP the remaining front sections using ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and clip butterfly clips into the sections to create movement. Heat with a blow dryer and cool. Remove clips.

4. Use a criss-crossing approach, lift and sew individual sections across the top of the head to create the desired shape, giving the illusion of a short haircut. Use PIN.CLIPS to secure pieces in place and finish with TEXTURE.MASTER using the blow dryer to set the finished shape. Remove clips and manipulate to desired finish using more TEXTURE.MASTER as desired.

[Image courtesy of Harris Shepard Public Relations, Inc.]

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