Halloween Makeup How To: Lady Gaga ARTPOP by Make Up For Ever

Lady Gaga’s latest creative venture, ARTPOP, showcases the artist wearing bold and colorful yet simple makeup. Makeup artist Talia Cich, who re-created this look for Make Up For Ever at their Los Angeles Robertson location, breaks down the how-to below.

ng Kit #2. Create color smudges using orange and yellow Flash Color on the cheeks nose and neck.

Using 2K Eye Kohl, outline the overall shape of sketch designs around the eyes and on the cheeks. Start applying color with sea foam Flash Color on the top of the brow bone. Work the shade through the brow hair.

Next, apply blue Flash Color to the outer corner of and underneath the eyes. Blend to create a gradient effect. Around the eyes, use Aqua Black to define and add depth to your shapes. Then line the inner rim of the eye with 2K Eye Kohl. For maximum stability, set the entire face with #0 Super Matte Loose. Next, use Eye Shadows in matching shades to bring back intense color saturation. Seal with Mist & Fix.

Define and line the lips with  2C Aqua Lip. Then, fill the entire lip with #22 Rouge Artist Intense. Add washes of yellow, orange, and red on the upper and lower lip. Finish with white to add volume.

[Image Courtesy of Make Up For Ever]

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