Before and After: Long Locks at Olivia Taylor Salon

Long hair has always been popular, and this season the look is experiencing a strong resurgence. Jaime Queenin and Rita Carda, two highly talented stylists at Olivia Taylor Salon in Anaheim Hills, CA, recently created three makeovers that showcase long, beautiful locks.

Makeover 1: Jessica

Jessica had very dark, level 2 violet color and shoulder length hair with a fair amount of damage from an at-home lightening attempt. Hair, makeup and extension specialist, Rita Carda, began transitioning Jessica's hair by first cutting off a few inches of the damaged and faded ends. She then carried out a full weave  to remove the purplish cast, and toned Jessica's hair to a soft, chestnut brown hue. The resulting highlight offered a non-uniform finish which became especially alluring when Jessica's hair was worn with a beachy texture.

In order to add length to Jessica's natural hair, Rita installed 165 individual strands of 20-inch Dream Catchers hair extensions, a high-quality hair extension that can be reused for up to a year. Once the extensions were added, Rita cut the interior, texturizing and layering to help blend the adds-on strands into Jessica’s natural hair.

To finish the makeover, and prep Jessica's hair for styling, Rita used Kevin Murphy Hydrate Shampoo and Rinse, as well as Olivia Taylor Prime Me Leave-In Conditioner for a tousled but feminine look. Next, Rita applied Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity at the crown to enhance volume, and then blow dried hair smooth. She then misted sections of hair with Kevin Murphy Session Spray and loosely curled the sections in alternating directions. Finally, Rita worked Kenra Texture Taffy through Jessica's hair to undo sections and create beachy, wavy hair with lots of movement.

After transforming Jessica's natural, damaged hair into long, flowing locks, Rita created a gorgeous up-do style. First, she backcombed at the root and gently smoothed back over the surface. Starting in the back and working forward, Rita then took up sections of hair at the side along the hairline and integrated them into a large section that was fishtail braided from the back of the neck, essentially creating a fishtail-French braid hybrid. When Rita reached the top of the head, she swept the ends forward and crafted them into a heavy, offset fringe. Curly tendrils were left out in front to add to the asymmetric balance.

Credits for Jessica:
Olivia Taylor Salon – Anaheim Hills, CA
Hair: Rita Carda
Makeup: Jaime Queenin
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

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Makeover 2: Ashley

Ashley’s darker red brown hair reached just above the bra line, but she longed for more length and a lighter hue. Stylist and makeup artist Jaime Queenin of Olivia Taylor Salon in Anaheim Hills, California lightened up the color to a softer brown shade and then added 100 individual strands of 20-inch Dream Catchers hair extensions for length, volume and color.

Jaime washed Ashley's hair using Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Rinse. Once she had carefully towel-dried Ashley's hair, Jaime worked Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity in at the root and then applied Olivia Taylor Prime Me Leave-In Conditioner all over. Next, she misted Blowout Spray by Olivia Taylor on hair before blow drying sections with slight tension using a large, round brush. Then, Jaime rolled up and pinned sections to allow them to cool. Once cool, she removed the pins, and backcombed slightly at the crown to add height. For pliable hold, Jaime used Kevin Murphy Session Spray to finish the sultry look.

For a soft, romantic up-style, Jaime curled sections all over using Kevin Murphy Session Spray. She undid the sections by tousling the curls and then teased at the crown using more Session Spray. Next she started in the center back, leaving the sides out, rolled up the curls and sewed the roll and any add on sections in place using hair-matching embroidery thread. Finally, Jaime braided sections on each side and incorporated the plaits into the back with more thread.

Credits for Ashley:
Olivia Taylor Salon – Anaheim Hills, CA
Hair and Makeup: Jaime Queenin
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual [pagebreak]

Makeover 3: Maddé

To transform Maddé’s natural, level 3 hair, Jaime enhanced richness and then added low layering to create a better shape. Next, she applied Olivia Taylor Prime Me Leave-In Conditioner to damp hair, followed by Moroccanoil on the mid-shaft through ends. Before blow drying, Jaime misted Olivia Taylor Blow Out over the surface of Maddé’s hair to enhance volume and produce soft curves.

As each section was blow-dried, Jaime rolled it and pinned it up to help set the shape. Once cooled, sections were undone. Maddé flipped her head upside down and Jaime raked her fingers through to tousle the hair before flipping upright again. Jaime then backcombed a small amount at the root in the crown, and finger-styled hair into place. To finish the look, she applied a fine mist of Kevin Murphy Session Spray for a soft, full bodied look with a curvy finish.

Starting with this dry, volumious hair, Jaime teased at the base on top, and then French braided hair, starting on one side and working across the back adding diagonal sections as she went along. One quadrant behind the ear on the opposite side was left out while another was crafted into a low side ponytail. The lower section was brought up from under the pony and joined with the ends of the French braid. Jaime formed loops and pin curls with the ends, pinning them into place against the head above the base of the ponytail. She delicately curled the layers in front leaving offset tendrils that nicely finished off the asymmetrical part up-style.

Credits for Maddé:
Olivia Taylor Salon – Anaheim Hills, CA
Hair and Makeup: Jaime Queenin
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

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