Pick the Cover!

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On the two opposing sides of the beauty battlefield, the Launchpad team stood divided. It wasn’t the first time such a conflict had arisen among the staff. Editors and artists, among others, had bickered and quarreled over the years. But this was truly a clash of the titans across departments—from editorial to art, from web to administration and even circulation and production. After days of slammed doors, awkward water cooler exchanges and even the dreaded silent treatment, all came to the realization that consensus was necessary: We needed to know which cover of October’s issue of Launchpad was the most glamorous, the most exquisite and ultimately the best representation of beauty industry creativity. Then the decree was made: Print two covers and have our trusted panel of professional beauty experts—you, dear readers—decide which you like best! Which Bottega Veneta Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2013-14 cover—hair styled by Redken’s own Guido Palau—is your favorite? Full-color, or old-school black-and-white?


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