Hair Tips: "Pop" Goes Your Haircolor

Traditional hair colors like brunette, blonde and red can be both beautiful and timeless. But not everyone is satisfied with this classic, albeit somewhat limited, palette. Unconventional hues are becoming more and more popular with clients asking for bold colors like deep blues, sea-inspired greens or bright, stand-out coral. Here are a few more suggestions for bold, unique hair colors from the Matrix COLORINSIDER team.

1. We All Scream for Ice Cream
Strawberry, banana and coconut are delicious in a cone, but why not try out these creamy shades on hair? One of fall's more colorful trends, pastel streaks and tips can be placed as pretty accents on your clients' strands. Although lighter, pastel shades work best on blonde hair, the right shade and technique can make a huge impact on darker locks as well. For your even braver clients, consider creating a signature, all-over color like lilac, buttercup or pistachio.

2. Brighten Up
Vivid shades are the best way to make brunette hair colorfully stand out. A few streaks of raspberry, cobalt or emerald infuse playfulness into otherwise ordinary brown. With the help of a Matrix COLORINSIDER stylist, you can help find the perfect, bold hues for your client's natural tone and base color. For warm hair/complexion combinations, shades of spicy cinnamon or golden turquoise work best. If your client's complexion and natural hair tone is cool, go for an icy blue or grape to craft the most vibrant look.

3. Steel Yourself
Who says that brightly-colored hair is just for the younger generation? If your client is a proud silver fox, help them accentuate their strands with metallic accents. Dusty copper, pewter, steel blue and silvery pink all work to enhance naturally gray locks, promoting a young, fun look.

Whether your client wants just a little bit of brightness, or vibrant color all over, help them select the perfect shade to make them truly stand out.

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