Hair Styles Fashion: Hair of the Future

Avantgarde-hair designer and top-stylist Jean-Michel Faretra recently presented his all new, one-of-a-kind collection with spectacular hair creations during a hair show at "Salon Beauté Sélection“ in Paris. The collection, "Mistyk Organik," was based on a fantastical vision of the creation of man, translated into the year 3000 AD.  
According to Faretra, the inspiration for "Mistyk Organik" came from the science fiction film, The Fifth Element. Faretra symbolized the beginning of mankind with an intricate cocoon made entirely of white hair. Models were styled to resemble exotic, archaic creatures such as armadillos, snails, sea urchins and pythons.
Throughout the show, Faretra used real human hair by Hairdreams to craft his bizarre and wondrous hair creations. In addition, he also created the lavish costumes and accessories for the models to wear. For his designs, Faretra has traditionally shown a preference for flexible, easy-to-use materials such as "Quikkies" tape-in hair extensions by Hairdreams. The resulting effect is nothing short of both strange and wonderful. 
[Images courtesy of Skyhunt Public Relations] 
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