Hair Tips: Fight Back Against Fading

A beautiful, rich hair color can utterly transform a person's look and even their mood. But there's nothing worse than seeing that gorgeous color begin to fade, leaving dull, lifeless hair in its place. Help your clients make the most of their color and help prevent unflattering fading with these tips that ensure long-lasting, beautiful hair.

1. Skip the Sun
Spending time out in the sun usually means having fun, whether it be a morning hike, a day at the beach or an afternoon spent apple picking. Despite the sun's proven mood-boosting effects, those wonderful, warm rays of sun are colored hair's worst enemy. While a hat can help to prevent the sun from damaging strands, it's often not enough. Instead, help your clients protect their hair from sun damage by working a few drops of Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil through their hair. The formula will not only keep hair from sun-related fading, but will also ensure that hair stays nourished and supple.

2.  Cleanse and Style with Care
Shampoo can make or break hair color. Harsher formulas strip away dyes, but sulfate-free formulas work to protect color by preventing dye molecules from simply washing down the drain. To help clients preserve the full luster of their hair color, try using Matrix Biolage Colorcarethèrapie with Orchid + UV Complex. The rich formula moisturizes and protects the depth, tone and shine of color-treated hair.

3. Deflect the Heat
High temperatures from blow dryers, flat irons and other styling tools take a toll on color. Protect your clients' strands from thermal damage with a heat-shielding formula like Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray. Plus, there's a bonus: the spray adds extra body and volume to heat-styled hair!

Brilliant, deep color is an essential part of beautiful, healthy-looking hair. Help your clients fight the fade and achieve gorgeous, long-lasting color.

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