NYFW Hairstyles How To: Christian Siriano S/S 2014

Christian Siriano Inspiration:

recent trip to Isla Mujeres (the “Island of Women”) off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The architecture and bright tropical colors of the residential buildings, the crafts, handmade textiles and the Caribbean coast served as strong influences for the colors and silhouettes of the collection. The collection – like the women of the island – is bright, young, fresh, and romantic and is a celebration of women.


The Hair Look:

dry, unwashed hair, take 2” sections, starting from the occipital bone, and spritz Volupt Spray on the roots. Pull each 2” section up and over the forehead after it’s been saturated before moving to the next section.

2.     Apply a golf ball sized amount of Mousse Forte from below the roots to the ends.

3.     Using hands, rough dry the hair in a circular motion to create a cushion of interior texture for fullness. Keep the texture and height even throughout.

4.     Bring all sections back into a ponytail just above the occipital bone to showcase the round of the head, and secure it with a bungee rubber band.

5.     Create flat waves throughout the ponytail by making S-shaped sections with your fingers and clamping them with a straightening iron for a messy texture.

6.     Emulsify Microweb Fiber in hands and finger tease the ponytail for added movement.

7.     Spritz Shaper to the top of the head while using fingers to push pieces of the hair back to add dry texture.

8.     Take ¼” section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and create a chain braid by tying it in loose knots. Wrap the braid around the ponytail to cover the bungee rubber band and secure for a soft, organic feel.


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