World of Hairdressing at the Farouk Cancun Conference

Take a look at hair highlights from the 2013 Farouk Conference in Cancun, Mexico. Talented stylists from all over the world showcase their amazing creations!

The Teams: Anna Cantu and Joe Anthony Pena, Team USA; Ivan Rodriguez and Efrain Leiva, Team Central America; Jessica Davinski, Team Scandanavia; Hedwich Vigelandzoon and Hakan Alacali, Team Turkey; Saraliz Hernandez and Manolo Gonzalez, Team Puerto Rico; Kwan Gi Hyoung and Lim Tae Hee, Team Korea; Igor Popovs and Edgars Zablokis, Team Latvia; Jamal Shami, Team Middle East; Leonel Rodriguez and Julian Macias, Team Mexico; Lee Nesbitt and Andrew Voya, Team Australia; Bruno Fernandes, Team Brazil; Rocky Vitelli and Lori Walters, Team Canada; and Patrick Kalle and Maurice Den Exter, Team Europe.

See photos from each of the styling teams!  Which look is your favorite? »  [pagebreak]

Team USA


Team Netherlands


Team Korea [pagebreak]

Team Brazil [pagebreak]

Team Scandinavia [pagebreak]

Team Europe


Team Puerto Rico [pagebreak]

Team Puerto Rico


Team Australia


Team Mexico



Latvia [pagebreak]


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