Hair Styles Tips: Coloring Grey Hair

Coloring grey hair can be challenging – finding the balance between making a guest look youthful without making them look too young takes skill. Joi Rooks, KMS® California Artistic Team Member and owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA) shares tips and tricks.
“This was one of my favorite makeovers ever! Linda, a wonderful woman who just turned 60 said she no longer wanted to look tired and 60. I first cut a layered shag with a long side fringe t frame her face. Her hair was very grey around the front hairline and she had dull brown box color on her ends, so I de-colorized it with Goldwell® Silklift® Lightener and then glazed with Goldwell® Colorance® Demi-Permanent Color. The warmth in the color brightened her skin tone and made her glow,” says Rooks.
Rooks has many tips and tricks for coloring grey hair, depending on the desired end result. She has many clients that are 50 and up that don't want to look too old or too young either - it's a tricky balance. Rooks suggests determining two things before a grey color service - cover all the grey or just or blend it and consider skin tone.
· For a natural blended look, add lightness around the face and through the top. Grey hair is missing the yellow pigment, so adding warmth or gold into a formula helps with coverage and looks natural.
· For coverage, a double process works best. Lightening the base first and then adding some dimensional lighter pieces throughout the top helps to not only cover the grey, it aids in the maintenance between the grey growing back.
· Applying glazes in between coloring keeps hair color balanced and shiny.

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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