Start2finishMUA Missy Lynn Wins NYX Face Awards!

NYX Cosmetics brought together 6 young talented up-and-coming beauty vloggers to compete for the title of National Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Not only does the winner receive $25,000 in cash, but she also will experience an opportunity of a lifetime to help propel her career in beauty.

The finalists completed a look using NYX cosmetics in front of a live audience on August 24, 2013, while Emcees P'Trique and Amy Paffrath, along with host Justin Howard pumped up and entertained the audience. Judges Toni K., Molly Sloat, Susan Yara, William Lemon and Natalie Alcala certainly had their work cut out for them with the task of choosing the winner. It was incredible to see so much talent onstage - and some of the contestants are still in high school! The audience brought a huge amount of love and support for the contestants. From boyfriends to parents to friends, it was clear that there were many very proud supporters rooting the finalists on.

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ight=430,width=288]]Finalists BeautyPolice101, COOK1EMONSTER, madeyewlook, MakeupByLeinaBaaaby, start2finishmua and xxmakeupiscoolxx all did fabulous jobs in the short amount of time they had to put together their final looks, but only one could be named the winner. Missy Lynn, start2finishmua, a 23 year old vlogger and Active Duty member of the United States Air Force won the competition with her dark and mysterious "Goddess of the Night" look.

We spoke to Missy about her experience at the NYX Face Awards and her unusual background for beauty coming from the military. Hear what she had to say:

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Beautiful looks created by finalists:


Backstage at the NYX Face Awards:


Goddess of the Heavens and Goddess of the Earth: [pagebreak]

Fire Goddess:

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