Survey Results: Second Day Hair

A-list celebrities are doing it and so are most American women — there are new priorities when it comes to hair washing and styling routines.

According to the nationwide “Second Day Hair Survey” conducted by T3, high-end hair tool manufacturer, hair health and time savings are what are top-of-mind for American women today when it comes to washing their hair. And apparently they’ve been listening to the experts.

Of the 2,000 women surveyed, nearly two out of three report they know it’s unhealthy to wash their hair daily and in fact, three out of four reveal that they do so only every other day or less, hence the moniker T3 identified -- “Second Day Hair.”

While women may be gaining healthier hair through fewer shampoos, their primary motivation is on gaining another precious commodity — time. Two out of three women report that saving time as part of their daily routine is the number one benefit from forgoing that shampoo.

While women may have landed on a solution to make more time for themselves, they apparently are doing so at a cost to their self-esteem with a whopping two thirds revealing they feel less confident or less attractive when they do not wash their hair for two or more days.

Rod Ortega, stylist to such celebrities as Blake Lively, and T3 stylist, applauds the change he sees in his A-list clients and other women when it comes to fewer shampoos, but emphasizes that all women can still have a fabulous, beautiful style with “Second Day Hair.”

“When I created Blake’s gorgeous flowing waves for the September cover of Lucky Magazine, I insisted she come with Second Day Hair and the look is absolutely gorgeous, this style can easily be achieved at home,” Ortega said.

“Most women don’t realize that it’s actually easier to style their hair and obtain fabulous results if it hasn’t been washed for a day or more,” continued Ortega. “The natural oils in hair provide texture that makes it perfect for styling. The trick is having the right styling tool and a few tips — any woman can still save those precious minutes and look and feel beautiful at the same time,” Ortega stressed.

Ortega went on to say, “I read that the Second Day Hair survey reported that one out of three of women put their hair in a ponytail if they feel that it’s greasy — that solution is a thing of the past!”

“My favorite tool for creating gorgeous looks on “Second Day Hair”, like a voluminous wavy blowout (previously only possible on freshly washed hair), is the new T3 BodyWaver Large Barrel Styling Iron. Its big 1.75” barrel and innovative heating technology make it easy for any woman to create fabulous styles at home, whether it’s a smooth, curved- under finish for shoulder-length hair or beautifully polished, loose waves for longer hair,” Ortega continued.

Other interesting findings from the T3 “Second Day Hair” Survey:

• When women do wash their hair, 62% report they blow dry it with a hair dryer.
• 63% of women report that summer is their “bad hair season,” while another 30% report winter is their “bad hair season”.
• 53% of women always wash their hair before a night out with friends.
• 39% of women always wash their hair before a job interview.

[Image: Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic/Getty Images]

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