Scruples Inspires at Symposium 2013

Talented hairdressers from all over the world gathered at Scruples’ Symposium August 4 – 5, 2013 at the luxurious new Radisson Blu Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With Scruples inviting family culture and education aimed to motivate, it didn’t take long for veterans and new educators to feel like they were part of the Scruples family.

The event kicked off with a welcome cocktail party and runway show inspired by the latest fashion trends. From Hitchcock Nouveaux and The Masters Collection to the INDIE Team Collection, every runway segment was as impressive as the next.

The last runway segment revealed a sneak peek of the new look of Scruples’ PEARLSCRIPTIVES line as the reimagined Pearl CLASSIC COLLECTION coming January 1, 2014. When attendees were shown the new look and asked if they had met Pearl, the response was unanimous, “Yes and we love her.”

The next day was filled with look and learns from Scruples’ Master Design Team, INDIE Team and Scruples’ International Creative Consultant Charlie Price. Attendees were able to get up close with the Master Design Team and learn how to recreate the stunning looks seen in the Masters Collection. Quickly following, the INDIE Team members took attendees from runway to street style with interactive consumer-friendly cuts, color and styling.

The day wrapped up with Scruples’ Master Design Team members Katie Nielsen, Director of Education and Scruples’ Academy Amie Breckenridge Goltz and Scruples’ International Creative Consultant Charlie Price taking attendees through the journey of the the new Pearl CLASSIC COLLECTION photo shoot. Throughout the session, Amie along with Scruples’ Director of Product Development and Technical Education Jacque Hansen also showcased how to downplay high fashion color and styling techniques for the everyday clients.

After bending traditional style rules, Nielsen and Price showed everyone how to get away with breaking cutting rules with the foundation of Scruple’s Cutting by Design principles to recreate iconic looks from the new Pearl CLASSIC COLLECTION.

[Images courtesy of Scruples]

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