An Interview with Hot Iron Holster Inventor Erin Balogh

The Hot Iron Holster provides a clever solution for managing hot styling tools and hair accessories. We spoke to inventor Erin Balogh to get the scoop on how she came up with the idea and what's next.

How did you come up with the idea for the hot iron holster?
I was growing more and more frustrated getting ready at my pedestal sink every morning. I had nowhere to place my hot curling iron and flat iron - they usually ended up in the sink or on the floor. I struggled to find something to hold my hot tools, and finally decided to make something myself. I sewed two silicone hot pads and an oven mitt together and I had the original Hot Iron Holster.

How did you decide on a material for the holster?
I decided to use silicone primarily because it is heat resistant. Silicone is also flexible so it can conform to different sinks or countertops and can be "sticky" so it clings to smooth surfaces.[pagebreak]

What type of feedback have you received from hairstylists?
The feedback has been very positive. They love it for two reasons: It provides more work space and a safe, heat resistant place to store their hot styling tools - either in the pocket or the long flap.

Have you received any feedback about unusual uses for the hot iron holster?
Yes, the hot iron holster sticks to any smooth surface! Customers have used it on a coffee table to hold remote controls, on a boat to hold keys/sunglasses, on a night stand for cell phones, on desktops as coasters and even on the side of the car to hold tools while repairing it. [pagebreak]

Any plans for new holster colors?
Yes, we have had requests for many different colors from customers.  We have recently added two new colors (pewter and cocoa) to our product line, and plan to do more in the future.

Do you have any previous handy inventions that we should know about? Any more inventions that we should watch out for coming soon?
The Hot Iron Holster is my first break out invention. I have been developing a product line extension of the Hot Iron Holster that I am very excited about. I hope to debut it by the end of the year - so stay tuned!

[Images courtesy of Hot Iron Holster]

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