Hairstyles How To: Cynthia Alvarez on New Gold 'N Hot Iron

First came Miley. Now Beyonce. Seems short hair isn’t such a scary idea anymore when some of the biggest names in pop culture are making the cut. And according to celebrity hairdresser Cynthia Alvarez, the new Gold ‘N Hot 3/4” Ceramic Curved Plate Straightening Iron is great for women with short to medium length hair. This smaller curved iron is preferable to a flat iron because it allows more flexibility by getting closer to the scalp. It also adds volume without creasing hair or creating odd-shaped curls.

“It’s a perfect combination of the flexibility and control of a flat iron and the curvature of a curling iron,” explained Alvarez, whose celebrity clientele includes Shakira, Rita Ora and Keke Palmer. “Slim extended plates make it easy to straighten hard-to-reach areas and get closer to the scalp, eliminating the use of an extra tool. It also allows for more precision that you can’t get by using a bigger, bulkier iron.” 

Here are some of her tips:


·       For a straighter ‘do with bumped ends, start by placing the curved iron at your roots (using the iron upside will add volume, downside will flatten) and pull through to the ends. Once you’re almost at the ends, twist the iron so the hair will curve inward, adding body and bounce. Repeat until entire head is done. 


·       For sexy, undone curls, start with the curved iron near scalp. Wrap a one-inch section around the iron plates while twisting the flat iron away from head (similar to curling a ribbon with a scissor). Continue pulling the iron down the section of hair until reaching the ends. Repeat until entire head is curled.

Ceramic plates seal in conditioning for silky soft hair while the ergonomic ultra sleek design is ideal for maximum comfort. Quick 60-second heat up and a temperature of 430F make this iron the perfect choice for women with all types of hair textures. Like all Gold ‘N Hot products, the iron comes with a one-year warranty.


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