Launchpad Remembers Pierre Fabre, President and Founder of Pierre Fabre Laboratiories

Launchpad is sad to learn that Pierre Fabre, founder of Pierre Fabre Laboratories has died. Fabre dedicated his energy to building the 3rd largest French pharmaceutical company. He led, steered and masterminded all the different stages of its development and built, stone by stone, an international company.

A real visionary entrepreneur with exceptional intuition and work ethic, Mr. Pierre Fabre led the company to the paths of success, with unsurpassed talent and perseverance. He did this while never compromising with his core values: independence of the company, indestructible loyalty to his region of birth, priority given to the mid-term and continuity of the company through all the necessary investments in research and manufacturing.

Fabre always kept the well-being of his employees at the top of his mind and associating them to the capital and results of the company. He prioritized quality human relations while remaining humble, discreet and unselfish.

[Image courtesy of Karen Oliver and Associates]

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