Meet the NAHA Finalists: Caitlin Charles-DeGarmo

Get to know the talented NAHA finalists!

Name: Caitlin Charles-DeGarmo

Salon: Eric Fisher Salon Wichita, KS

Finalist Category: Newcomer Stylist

Best advice I ever received regarding my career in hair/beauty: The best advice I have received was from Mr. Eric Fisher, he said, “ Be brilliant at the basics; be the change you wish to see in the world. Be the first one, be the only one, be unforgettable. Be interesting, too. Be the world's expert on yourself. Be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow. Be confident enough to be humble. Be somebody that reminds everybody of nobody else in the world.”

Best advice I would give to a new hairstylist starting out: Have faith in yourself, commit to giving and commit to excellence. Give it your all and you won't have any choice but to be successful.esy of Y Public Relations]

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