Behind the Lashes of Sophy Merszei

Sophy Merszei, President and CEO of NovaLash, manufacturer of premium eyelash extension products, is a woman to watch. She was recently voted one of Houston’s Most Beautiful Women by Health and Fitness Sports Magazine. Merszei is considered the mother of the eyelash extension industry and is behind NovaLash’s eyelash extension training program, the only physician-developed program of its kind. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and raised in Germany and Italy, Merszei received her education in molecular biology at University of Southern California and University of Houston. Married with two sons, ages 7 and 9, it’s a wonder that Merszei has time to sit down at all!  We managed to get the inside scoop from this dynamic beautista.:

Q: What kinds of charities and community work is NovaLash involved with?
A: NovaLash supports organizations like Girls, Inc, which promotes a girl’s right to be herself, and empowers young girls to pursue their biggest dreams. By giving these girls the resources and education they need we can make the future a more peaceful, prosperous place.

Q: What inspires or motivates you?
A: Nothing inspires me more than creating something new; something that has never been done...something like NovaLash! Dive right in, concentrate, and see a project through to completion—with no rules or blueprints to follow. That’s the true essence of creativity.

Q: How does one become successful?
A: First, discover what "success" means to you. Don’t avoid opportunities because you fear the unknown. The difficult experiences in life teach us the most and give us the opportunity to grow.

Q: What makes a person beautiful?
A: The beautiful thing about human beings is their ability to empathize with one another. Putting yourself in another person's shoes is the ultimate expression of love and understanding—that's inner beauty.

Q: You’re one of Houston’s most beautiful! What is your personal beauty secret?
A: I’ve always considered long, thick, dark eyelashes to be the ultimate expression of feminine beauty. In 2004, I wanted to rethink and revisit 1960s-style lashes and NovaLash was born. Now that NovaLash is an option, women can enjoy the look of permanent mascara every day, under any condition. Lash extensions enhance one's looks in many ways—from subtle to dramatic—and are the ultimate beauty convenience.

Q: What do you do in your down time?
A: I wish I had down time! Before starting my biology major, I studied fine art in Europe through the University of Maryland. My mother has a house in Italy, so if I had time, I’d probably go there and visit all kinds of museums.

Q: What are you proud of?
A: I’m proud of my work with NovaLash, which gives every woman an affordable, safe pathway to a richer beauty. NovaLash has also opened new doors for talented cosmeticians seeking to increase their economic status through a career in a blossoming segment of the beauty industry.  It’s all about empowering women, and that’s exactly what NovaLash does!


Image courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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