Education News: NovaLash Offering Training Seminars

NovaLash offers lash artists features such as, lasting curl and durable adhesive that is oil and water resistant. NovaLash is offering a 6-8 hour training seminar, which will teach not only the basic techniques but also the science behind the techniques.

The course includes a theory section from a workbook discussing  health and safety issues and some advanced looks.

By the end of the lecture, students are required to take the theoretical part of the certification test. During the practical portion of the session, students will practice applying extensions to fake lashes as well as on live models.

Upon completing the theoretical and practical instruction, trainees will take a written certification test and a practical application skills test. Upon successful completion of both tests, students will receive a NovaLash Training Certificate and join the worldwide NovaLash team of stylists.

NovaLash keeps the class size small to ensure that each and every student in the class gets personalized advice and attention from the Trainer. If you ever feel like you need a refresher, there is no additional fee for re-taking the class with your original Trainer.

The cost of the Basic Training class is $585.00
The cost of Advanced Training is $875.00/day

NovaLash workshops are designed for licensed beauty or health professionals who are interested in being part of this new and profitable business.  Enroll to reserve your space today.

For a calendar of dates visit:

[Image courtesy of Novalash]

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