Hair Necklaces: Beautiful or Repulsive?

Would you wear a necklace made out of hair?  Artist Kerry Howley decided to design necklaces out of hair to see what kind of reactions people would have.

Kerry explained, "The collection is entitled Attraction/Aversion and comprises of 5 hair necklaces. The idea behind the necklaces is that materials can provoke emotions in us, and sometimes they can evoke emotions that seem totally at odds. Through the use of hair as a material, I wanted to see if I could provoke both feelings of attraction and aversion simultaneously. Hair was an appropriate material to use as it is so familiar. We take pride in it and care for it yet when it falls out it becomes something disgusting to us."

More information on Kerry's art can be found at  Kerry is available for commission and can be contacted at [email protected].

For those that love the design but cringe at the material used, Kerry is also developing similar style necklaces made out of raw silk fibers that will be available on


Images courtesy of Kerry Howley.

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