Hair News: Patrick McIvor Joins KMS/Goldwell

Sandra Humphries, Vice President of Education, Salon, for Kao USA Inc., announced today that Patrick McIvor will work with the company as Artistic and techniCulture Director.
As of January 1, 2013, McIvor is working with the education programs for the Goldwell and KMS California brands to incorporate technology with technique and culture, an idea he calls “techniCulture.” He will also work with the Goldwell and KMS California brands on salon business building programs utilizing social media.
“One of our goals for 2013 is to increase our digital and social media presence,” says Humphries. "We were attracted to Patrick because of his social media following - it’s impressive - and, because it’s digital, it’s quantitative.  Like us, Patrick is very forward-thinking, and he has the means to share his progressive ideas with stylists in a way that they can understand, immediately apply, and measure."
“The next evolution of our industry is going to be driven by technology and culture, or what I like to call ‘techniCulture,’” says McIvor. “I’m excited to work with the Salon team at Kao USA to help shape the future of our industry. Technology is changing the way salons work. It’s no longer about focusing on a celebrity picture and trying to make a guest look like someone else en masse.  It’s about individuality and using technology to communicate cool elements from various graphics to create a unique look for each guest and share your work with others.”
“With the addition of technology,” McIvor continues, “Stylists can use mobile apps to show clients new colors and cuts, as well as how they could actually look on the client.  Stylists can pull and post images from social media sites to evoke certain styles and communicate trends – the possibilities are endless and it helps keep the focus of the consultation on the guest, not a picture.”
McIvor is the former Color Director for Nick Arrojo.  McIvor has over 27 years of professional experience as a color director, international hair color educator, salon owner, national technical training manager and artistic director at several professional hair color companies and specializes in salon-based hair color education and social media.  He’s been referred to as a “Tech Titan,” “The Social Media Mentor,” and “…perhaps the best known media whiz,” by industry media.

Kao USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Kao Corporation.  Kao USA is the manufacturer and marketer of professional hair color, texturizers, shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products sold under the Goldwell® and KMS® California brands. For more information, visit or

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