How to Cut Curls

Diane Stevens, Nioxin stylist design team member, offers step-by-step instructions for creating a curly, shoulder length style like Meg Ryan, Olivia Wilde or Keira Knightley:

Step 1: Shampoo and conditioner with the NIOXIN Hair and Scalp System 3 and apply NIOXIN DiaMax to roots and NIOXIN Silk Elixir through the ends as a cutting tool.  

Step 2: Create a horseshoe shape by parting from the top of the crown to the recession area.

Step 3: Take a one inch section from the crown area to the nape and cut at 90 degrees leaving six inches length. Pivot radial sections and continue to cut at 90 degrees to just behind the ear. 

Step 4: Cut the design line to desired length. TIP: In order to keep the design line strong, do not layer the area from ear to hairline. 

Step 5: Blend the remainder of the top section by taking a one inch profile guide from hairline to top of crown. Next, use vertical sections and over direct each section to middle guide.

Step 6: Slide cut to connect the lengths around the face but still keeping corners strong. 

Step 7: Finish off with NIOXIN Thickening Gel and NIOXIN Bodifying Foam and diffuse curls.
Tips for African American fine, curly hair:
Tip #1: If the hair has a tighter curl pattern it should be blown dry before the cut.

Tip #2: Allow at least two inches for length difference.

Tip #3: To create a looser look for African American curls, use tools like flexi rods, permanent wave rods or round brush and use a flat iron with rounded edges to create curls.


[Image courtesy of Nioxin]

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