How To Wear A Hat For The Big Day


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I’m in London and waiting patiently for Prince William and Kate Middleton to walk down the aisle on Friday. We just finished watching the rehearsal and took some great photos to share with you. The mood is so upbeat and exciting here on the ground. And can you believe it – I’m still deciding on what to wear for the Royal Wedding!


From feathers to bows and oversized brims, elaborate hats are sure to be a fashion centerpiece at the Royal Wedding. If you’re thinking of following this British tradition for the next wedding on your social calendar, be sure to take these simple steps from Entertainment Tonight Hairstylist Bobby H. Grayson, to prevent the dreaded hat hair:  


“When wearing a bold statement hat or hairpiece, you want to make sure that hair is left in a subtle style that won’t overpower your look. Two styles I’d suggest are a low chignon or a low ponytail.  Both looks are easy to achieve and will keep hair neatly pulled away from the face so that your hat becomes the focal point of your look.”


Nancy & Bobby's Hair Tip: Be sure to lightly comb the front and crown of the head to achieve a smooth, sleek style. Whether hair is pulled back or left down you’ll want to ensure strands are in place before securing your hat or hairpiece.  


Nancy & Bobby's Hair Tip: Perhaps the most important step, be sure to use a firm-holding, frizz-reducing styling spray like RUSK’s W8less Plus Shaping and Control Hairspray before and after securing your final look.  This will reduce the fly-aways both at the hairline and around the loose hair in the back. The W8less Hairspray also contains a humidity resistant formula, which is perfect for locking hair into place even in the sticky summer weather.


Hope these tips help! I'll be in touch soon with more behind-the-scenes coverage. 


Nancy O’Dell



The weather was so nice when we arrived, and now it's freezing! Hopefully things will start to warm back up by Friday. 
























The lovely Mary Hart, Entertainment Tonight host and the amazing Jane Seymour join me as we film a special ET segment of the Royal Wedding.  























Hanging out with some of my favorite ladies, Meredith Vieira and Jane Seymour. 
























Hold your horses! I'm down on the ground watching the Royal Rehearsal. 























Horse and buggy just making the turn from Westminster. Take me with you!

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Say Cheese! I was hoping he would turn around for the camera.























The vibe on the ground is ecstatic. Behind me is the rehearsal in action. 


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Images courtesy of Y Public Relations.

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