Pravana “Show Us Your VIVIDs” Color Trend: Brig Van Osten Presents Color Stamping

Brig challenges stylists to rethink their approach to coloring hair as she creates a circular hair design using ChromaSilk and VIVIDs.

She refused the confines of coloring hair vertically and horizontally.  Using spherical objects, Brig overlapped four colors onto hair, creating a whimsical circular pattern.  The result is fun and thought-provoking.  Using color stamping as an option opens up an endless world of creating color patterns and textures that are often found solely in graphic and textile design. 

For this project Brig's Pravana Vivids choices are yellow, green, violet & wild Orchid.  Brig suggests choosing one color per object.




Steps for Vivids Color Stamping by Brig:

1. Use Pure Light Powder Lightener and 20 volume developer to obtain an even base level 10 blonde.2. Shampoo out lightener and towel dry hair.

3. Tone damp hair using ChromaSilk 10.0 w/ 10 volume for 1 minute.  Shampoo & condition.4. Blow dry hair in exact direction you will style after stamping. This will produce accurate results.

5.  Brig's Vivids choices are yellow, green, violet & wild orchid. Brig suggests choosing one color per object.Choose a variety of spherical objects or be daring and try out new designs of your own.
Where to find what Brig used:
    Round foam sponge can be found at a  craft store.
    The small plastic piece is from the quarter machines at the grocery store.
    The glass & plastic container are from a kitchen.

6. Pre-plan your design and color palette using white construction paper. You can use this as a guide for your color application.
7. Carefully press each item into Vivids and then slowly press it onto the hair.  Do NOT move the item.  Press and hold it in place for 10 seconds and then remove QUICKLY.   Any movement will cause a diffused pattern. **Overlapping colors and shapes produces a unique result.  Have fun!
8. Process without heat for 20 minutes.  Be sure the hair stays in place during processing.  This is VERY important.

9. Rinse the design FAST using cold water. Rinse well. Condition.

10. Style in the original direction of the stamping placement.  When using a flat iron, a heat protectant is always necessary to maintain vibrant color results. Use Pravana Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator on each section before flat ironing.  

Before: After:

Images courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates.

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