Hairstyles How-To: Before and After Bride

Let’s face it, not too many brides look perfect after dancing and partying all night…but they can still look beautiful wearing the memories of their big day. Sam Villa, top Redken stylist and Founding Partner of the Sam Villa® Brand presents his Before and After Bride.


· Isolate a horseshoe section of hair behind center back.

· Apply Redken iron shape 11 and tap the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur iron down each section of the horseshoe (back to front) to expand hair and create foundation.

· Gather hair and smooth with a Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush to lower part of crown.

· Tie into a knot with volume placed at the crown of the head tilted back and away, secure with pins.

· Gather left side of hair and smooth with brush and roll with thumbs towards center back and pin.

· Repeat on the right side.

· Finish with Redken control addict 28 high-control hairspray.


· Rub a shammy cloth over areas for a loose, organic chaotic look (as if dancing with crazy Uncle Vern, as well as Mr. Right).

[Hair: Sam Villa/Photographer: Shalem Mathew]

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