Hairstyles How To: Taylor Swift's Fringe at CMT Awards

nd that is so versatile it may never go out of style.  As long as the fringe is thick, blunt cut and long (sweeping the bottom of the brow bone) you can achieve many different looks whether you want a more trendy boho-chic style that is a bit messy and texturized or more classic chic look with bangs swept to sides for a peek-a-boo style.  Although Swift rocked this look with both a faux bob and long, loose curls, the number one trending haircut to pair with the blunt fringe in 2013 is the beloved bob modernized with slightly choppy, texturized styling.    
Get Taylor’s Blunt Fringe by Rocky Vitelli, Farouk Systems Global Artistic Board Member:
“Cut blunt on dry hair and lightly texturize the ends to give a full yet soft look.  I recommend cutting them dry as the desired length achieved is very important.  You want to keep them long so they can easily be swept to the side for versatility when styling.  This style of fringe can be customized to most face shapes as it can be curved or squared off.  I would not recommend this fringe if your client has a small forehead or a low hairline as you will not be able to achieve the desired long bang look your client expects,” said Rocky Vitelli, Farouk Systems Global Artistic Board Member.
Recreate Taylor’s Faux Bob by Anna Cantu, CHI Creative Artist:
Straighten and smooth hair with the Original CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron bending ends slightly under.  Divide your hair into three parts: two side sections and one back section, leaving fringe untouched.  Starting with the back section, lift and spray CHI Ultimate Control Hairspray underneath. Tease from the bottom up.  Smooth the top of the back section and roll it inward all the way up and secure with bobby pins.  Repeat above step on both side sections.  To finish up spray CHI Helmet Head Hairspray for hold and spray a light mist of CHI Shine Infusion for a touch of shine.  
[Image: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images]
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