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First Look HairHeal thy clients’ hair with the L’anza Ultimate Treatment Backbar System. The three-step treatment can be customized, and only takes 10 minutes to perform.

Detoxifying Shampoo cleanses troubled hair; Deep Treatment and problem-specific Power Booster additives deliver nutrients deep into the cortex; and Power Protector locks in nutrients. Shown: Moisture, Strength and Volume Power Boosters.

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Hair going through a dry run? Quench its thirst with LiqwD LiqwDITY Intensive Hair Repair, which is rich in aloe butter and infused with nano-hydraspheres that deliver a wealth of moisture to parched strands.

If only all cocktails were this healthy. John Amico Smoothie Moisturizing Shampoo with vitamins and botanical extracts leaves strands silky; Moisturizing Conditioner fights flyaways as it conditions with chamomile extract and olive oil.

Redken Real Control Overnight Treat repairs damaged hair during her 40 winks with the Care Adjust Complex, which is chock-full of cationic conditioners, strengthening proteins and ceramides, and super-smoothing shea butter.

Rock ‘n’ roll with TIGI’s addicting Rockaholic line. Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oils and refreshes her style between shampoos; Born to Rock Leave-In Detangler & Defrizzer manages tangled locks; Rock Out Shine Blaster increases sheen as it hydrates; and Fun Times Flexible Hairspray ensures brushable hold and shine.

Rusk Coral Therapy Marine Nutrient Treatment strengthens strands thanks to a nutrient-rich bio-marine formula that nurtures all hair types. Bonus! Protects hair from environmental damage via UVA/UVB inhibitors.

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