Hairstyles How To: Christie Brinkley's Glamorous Cover Shoot

Incorporate glamorous cover girl beauty tricks into your daily routine— Celebrity Hairstylist Angelo David Pisacreta shares tips on how to replicate the look he created for Christie Brinkley’s cover shoot.


1. Apply the Angelo David Premier Volume Spray onto the roots to prep the hair, and then begin blow drying hair smooth with a medium round brush.
2. Next, set the top and crown area with Velcro rollers.
3. Take sections of hair in the back nape area and start creating pin curls in every other hair sections with a curling iron. Allow hair to cool.

4. Attach 3 pre-styled Angelo David Couture Clip-ons on to hair to achieve desired length and volume. Once you release the pins, use your   fingers to blend hair and break the curls.

5. Sweep hair to one side using the Angelo David Medium Paddle Brush and pin hair in the back section to set the style in place.

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