Waterfall - White Ball

Dress Work Technique – The hair was sleeked back at the sides and nape, and gathered at a high ponytail on the top of the head. The hair was sewn following a horseshoe shape (around the base of the ponytail), then the band was cut so that so the hair cascades over the sown line. Additional wefts were sewn into the horseshoe base for  volume and length. The remaining top hair was roller-set for lift at the roots, then flat ironed from mid-shaft to ends. The base of the hair from front hairline to crown was back-combed and smoothed into the waterfall. The ends of the hair were cut blunt into a one-length line. Color - Bleached blonde and toned
Necklace & Ring by Juko at Supplements; Crystal Ring by Adia Kibur; Gown by J. Mendel; Hairpin by Daisy Duchens



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