A Word with Martin Parsons

Martin Parsons upstyle updoMartin Parsons showed off—and did up—"Special Occasion Hair" via live streaming video as part of our Online Salon Series presented by Launchpad and The Colorist.

"Special Occasion Hair" is the second installment of LP’s Online Salon Series, following our hugely successful premiere of Gina Khan's "Haircolor Tips, Tricks & Applications."

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LP wanted to learn more about this rare talent’s history, goals and standards prior to his momentous broadcast. Here’s what he had to say:

LP: You've been doing hair for a long time! Did you ever work in a salon?

MP: I love being a hairdresser. I respect its value to the world, its  ever changing message, and what it teaches me everyday about others. I owned and directed a salon for 22 years right alongside my advanced academy locations with the goal that the salon revenues would support me as I worked at developing professional recognition for my Design Techniques on the hair show circuit. So far, so good.

LP: What was your salon specialty in terms of services? Was hairdressing always your biggest passion?

MP: I always believed that I needed experience in all phases of salon services, such as coloring, waving, cutting and dressing, in order to understand how to direct someone else who might actually be doing the services one day. Looking back, I’m happy that I didn't try to specialize from the beginning of my career.

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